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We would like to let you know that our 2022 Monday Night Meetings at the Neerlandia Club House will be on the
2nd May 2022
6th June 2022
4th July 2022


If any members would like to organise or have any suggestion regarding Trail or Adventure Rides please step forward with dates and places so they can be added to the 2022 Club Calendar.


At our recent Annual General Meeting of the members of the Manly Warringah Motor Cycle Club Inc. held at the Club rooms, Neerlandia Club, Bantry Bay Road, French’s Forest on the Monday, 7th March 2022 the Club presented the Financial Statements, President’s Report (included) and results for Club Officials and Sub-Committees.

The Manly Warringah Motor Cycle Club Incorporated, membership for the 12 months ending 31st December 2021 period consisted of 110 members, which was made up of 71 ordinary, 3 juniors, 36 life members.  This is an increase of 3 members. 
The reports for the last financial year, is as follows:
In 2021 COVID-19 pandemic still effected the Club with no events being organised but we managed to survive. Costs associated with running the Club were reflected in the Annual Financial Report and showed a loss of $1,784.38.  A Government/Banking error of $5,472 is in the process of being returned. Interest from Term Accounts has dropped but kept us in a trading state.
For the reports on events, the following will give a brief outline on what has happened.
Moto-Trials – All Club events were cancelled.
Trail Riding and Adventure Rides – No Events were organised but some members managed a tide or two. 
For other club events such Vinduros, Enduros, Dirt Track, Motocross and Touring have again been dropped from our activities.
Club Committee for the second time we were unable to fill one of the positions.
Again, Interest received from Term Accounts gives us that income to keep the Club going, but that interest is falling.
In closing, I still urge members to come together and become more active in these hard times and would like to thank all Committees, Club Officials and members who have helped in the last twelve months and I hope that they continue to do so.  
Frank Driessen

Club Officials
Committee – Laurie Bimson, Frank Cogan, Frank Driessen, Andy Driessen, Joe Lorefice, Gordon Shaw, Bernie Sendlhofer, Gregg Taylor.
President – Frank Driessen, Treasurer – Andy Driessen, Club Captain – Bernie Sendlhofer, Club Registrar – Ken Smith, Equipment Officer – Andy Driessen, MNSW Delegates – Frank and Andy Driessen, Nepean Director – Frank Driessen.


Members can renew their membership by downloading a renewal form from our Website or by attending a meeting.  

Fees are –     Senior Renewals – 1 year $35.00 or 3 years $80.00
 Junior Renewals – $1.00 for each year of their age

Renewals after 28th February 2022 incur a $5.00 re-joining fee.

Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting

Frank Driessen 

Last Updated: April 2022